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We strongly believe in a sustainable future and a clean, welcoming environment, both for us and for future generations.

Innovation gives us clarity on the long-term future and this is why we have chosen to focus, with priority, on renewable energy: wind and solar.
These sources are completely natural, renewable, and available for all of us.

We have a solid experience in the field of renewable energy, starting with the development and construction of the first wind farms in Romania and we rely on our experience of over 30 years to offer a full range of services: from planning to implementation, from the first measurement of wind intensity or solar radiation to the supply of clean energy in the network.


Do you want to become our partner in achieving this goal of living in a clean, predictable environment, oriented towards energy independence?

Get in touch with us if you own a large or medium-sized standalone plot or one situated in the vicinity of other plot land with the potential to be used for the same purpose. Also, do you already have a wind or photovoltaic park, but you need the help of an experienced team, and commercial leverage to continue or sell that project?
Then contact us!

Check if the land / park you own is in one of the areas of interest for the renewable energy projects we develop.


We provide efficient renewable energy solutions for our customers, that include state-of-the-art technologies. We work flexibly and quickly, and our team is comprised of international experts in all fields related to renewable energy.



Electrical design

We are providers of design and execution services for electrical works in wind and photovoltaic parks in our country


Electrical engineering

Electrical installations of wind and photovoltaic parks


Maintenance and operation

Corrective predictive maintenance services for renewable energy parks, as well as management activities


Energy management

Management and administration services of renewable energy production units


Do you have a renewable energy project or land plot in the marked area? Get in touch with us


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